Executive Board

The VKD's Executive Board publicly represents the interests of the VKD and manages its affairs between the annual general meetings. It is composed of the chair, deputy chair, treasurer, secretary and two adjunct board members.


Jacqueline Senns-Klemke

E-Mail: kassevkd.bduede

Adjunct Board Member

Nadine Bauer

E-Mail: bauervkd.bduede

Adjunct Board Member

Claudia Mohr

E-Mail: mohrvkd.bduede


Alexander Gansmeier

Anschrift: Postfach 160722, 60070 Frankfurt am Main
E-Mail: gsvkd.bduede

Telefon: +49 800 853 23 83
Fax: +49 180 585 34 63



Conference Interpreters

More than 600 professional linguists for more than 30 languages


Continuous professional development and entrepreneurial skills – throughout Germany

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