Regional Committee

The Regional Coordinators liaise with the members at the regional level. They are the first port of call for the members in the respective regions and organise a variety of activities, such as regional meetings.

South I

Gesine Traub & Catherine Chabasse

E-Mail: sued1vkd.bduede

West I

Andrea Borges & Britta Klapproth

E-Mail: west1vkd.bduede

West II

Elena Möbus & Eva Michelt

E-Mail: west2vkd.bduede

Berlin and East I

Uta Barth & Claire Labigne

E-Mail: ost1vkd.bduede

East II

Ariane Stark & Elisabeth Körner-Szekelyhidi

E-Mail: ost2vkd.bduede


Monika Ott & Angela Sanchez

E-Mail: nordvkd.bduede

Conference Interpreters

More than 600 professional linguists for more than 30 languages


Continuous professional development and entrepreneurial skills – throughout Germany

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