Special Functions

Press and public relations

Ingeborg Schüler, Anja Grewe and Magdalena Lindner-Juhnke

Responsible for handling media inquiries and producing information material about the VKD and the professions. For more information, please refer to the press and media section.

E-Mail: prvkd.bduede

Mentoring programme

Sandra Götz und Marten Henschel

Responsible for coordinating the VKD mentoring programme and organising professionalisation training.

E-Mail: nachwuchsprogrammvkd.bduede

Continued professional development

Sabine Kreuzpaintner und Sara Campos Arnoldi

Responsible for organising CPD training designed specifically for interpreters.

E-Mail: fortbildungvkd.bduede


Leonie Wagener (editor-in-chief), Franz Kubaczyk, Katerina Nijenhuis, Daniel Piel (not in the picture)

Editorial team of "VKD-Kurier", the VKD's membership publication. The electronic version of the newsletter can be downloaded in the internal members' forum (MeinBDÜ).

E-Mail: kuriervkd.bduede, chefredaktionvkd.bduede

Data protection and documentation

Data management

Sonja Willner

Responsible for managing members' data (contact details, language combinations, etc.) for internal purposes, the interpreter search function, and the exchange of data with our federal umbrella association BDÜ.

E-Mail: dvvkd.bduede

ISO/DIN standards

Ralf Pfleger

Responsible for representing the VKD in ISO/DIN working groups.

E-Mail: normierungvkd.bduede

Simultaneous interpreting equipment

Leonie Gohl

Responsible for managing the list of providers of conference (interpreting) equipment that meet the relevant standards (downloadable version in the internal members' forum meinBDÜ)

E-Mail: technikvkd.bduede

Dummy booths

Ann Pasternack

Responsible for managing the list of dummy booth opportunities (languages and venues).

E-Mail: stummekabinenvkd.bduede

Calendar of training events

Simona Füger

Responsible for managing the calendar of training events offered by the VKD and other providers (see Calendar of events).

E-Mail: veranstaltungsverzeichnisvkd.bduede


Sonja Willner

Responsible for managing and updating the VKD homepage.

E-Mail: webmastervkd.bduede

Conference Interpreters

More than 600 professional linguists for more than 30 languages


Continuous professional development and entrepreneurial skills – throughout Germany

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