Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD)
im BDÜ e.V.

Regional Committee

The Regional Coordinators liaise with the members at the regional level. They are the first port of call for the members in the respective regions and organise a variety of activities, such as regional meetings.

South I

Gesine Traub & Catherine Chabasse

E-Mail: sued1vkd.bduede

West I

Andrea Borges & Britta Klapproth

E-Mail: west1vkd.bduede

West II

Elena Möbus & Eva Michelt

E-Mail: west2vkd.bduede

Berlin and East I

Uta Barth & Claire Labigne

E-Mail: ost1vkd.bduede

East II

Ariane Stark & Elisabeth Körner-Szekelyhidi

E-Mail: ost2vkd.bduede


Monika Ott & Angela Sanchez

E-Mail: nordvkd.bduede

Conference Interpreters

More than 600 professional linguists for more than 30 languages


Continuous professional development and entrepreneurial skills – throughout Germany

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