Admissions Committee

The current Admissions Committee of the VKD

From left to right: Ina Breuing, Thorben Wehlert, Jirina Koenig, Anja Rütten, Britta Klapproth. Not in the picture: Pawel Kozlowski, Ulla von Kunhardt (substitute member)

The Admissions Committee is responsible for processing membership applications and deciding on their acceptance.

The requirements to be met by applicants are set out in the VKD's Admission Regulations (available in German only) (see also 'Become a member'). The application pack can be downloaded from there.


Chair of the Admissions Committee, Anja Rütten

Dr. Anja Rütten

Tel: +49 2432 907874
E-mail: aufnahmeausschussvkd.bduede

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