How we maintain the highest quality standards

  1. All members of the VKD have undergone a stringent admission process. Either they hold a university degree in conference interpreting or the quality of their work has been confirmed by means of an endorsement by other long-standing members of the VKD.
  2. VKD members provide you with competent advice on all matters relating to conference interpreting and assist you also during the event in question.
  3. Thanks to our large membership, professional VKD conference interpreters are to be found virtually all over Germany.
  4. Professional conference interpreters barely ever work alone, since simultaneous interpretation requires teamwork. To maintain a high-quality service, they work in teams of at least two. For longer events, a larger team is required.
  5. High-quality services require a high-quality environment. The requirements to be met by built-in and mobile simultaneous interpretation booths are set out in standards ISO 2603, ISO 4043, ISO 20108 and ISO 20109. These requirements have to be fulfilled before simultaneous interpreters can provide a professional service.
  6. There is nothing like direct contact. Agreements are always concluded either between the interpreter and the conference organiser, or alternatively between the interpreter and the party to whom the organiser has duly assigned responsibility for handling the contractual and financial aspects of recruiting the interpreting team.
  7. Professional conference interpreters interpret verbally delivered statements only and strive to transport said statements with precision into the other language, taking into account the content, the sense and the cultural context in which the original was uttered.
  8. Professional conference interpreters are bound by strict professional secrecy. They work to the best of their knowledge and belief and reject any influence by third parties.
  9. Professional conference interpreters thoroughly familiarise themselves in advance with the subject matter of the events at which they work. Every single time.

Conference Interpreters

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