Tips for speakers

The quality of simultaneous interpretation requires some teamwork between speaker and interpreter.

Download our tips for speakers here (currently only available in German)!

Provide your interpreters with preparation material well in advance

Professional interpreters prepare thoroughly for each assignment. The more familiar they are with the content of your presentation, the more precisely they can interpret your words into another language.

Always use a microphone

Simultaneous interpreters work in soundproof booths and listen to the speaker via headphones. If you wish to move about during your presentation, please ask the technician to provide you with a clip-on lapel microphone before you start.

Keep your speed in check

Simultaneous interpreters maintain visual contact to the speaker so they can observe their facial expressions and body language. Glance occasionally at the interpreters to verify whether they are able to keep up with the speed of your presentation.

If you can, speak without notes

It is much easier to listen to speeches that are delivered without notes. Should you have to read from a manuscript, it must be provided to the interpreters in advance. Avoid reading off the page at high speed. This will benefit not just the interpreters, but your entire audience.

Avoid figures of speech, plays on words and jokes

They may create a more relaxed atmosphere, but are only rarely transferable to another language.

Clearly pronounce numbers and proper names

Speakers are generally very familiar with the numbers and proper names they use in their presentations, so they tend to utter them very quickly.  However, your audience – and your interpreters – will often not be familiar with them.

Explain acronyms

Many acronyms are unknown to outsiders. Explain briefly what they stand for, and you will be better understood.

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