23.05.2020 Fortbildung "Technology for Interpreters"

Termin: 23.05.2020, 09:30 - 17:30 Uhr

Ort: Lindley Lindenberg, Lindleystraße 17, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

Referentin: Maha El-Metwally

Travelling frequently is part and parcel of an interpreter’s life. Irrespective of how much travel interpreters do, they are expected to be well prepared for their assignments. Technology can go a long way to help. This workshop is aimed at professional interpreters who are seeking to become more efficient in their preparation. In addition, different digital tools to make an interpreter’s life easier will be introduced in this training. Join hundreds of colleagues from different parts of the world who did this training and adopted technology for the better.
Workshop summary:

  • This one-day training workshop will cover the following core components:
  • Paperless Preparation. How Computer Aided Interpreting (CAI) tools, apps for document annotation, glossary management and online preparation resources can lighten the load for busy interpreters.
  • Simultaneous consecutive: a hybrid mode of interpreting that can ease the pressure off the interpreter’s memory and increase accuracy.
  • Apps and gadgets that facilitate an interpreter’s life on the go.
  • Note digitisation. A review of apps and tools for digitising hand-written notes to easily search them and organise them.

In addition, participants will get an opportunity to try out the tools for themselves. 

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