With conference interpreters, your international event is bound to be a success

Professional support for your event

Socially and economically, our world is more intertwined than ever before. People and companies are building and fostering global relationships every day. It is crucial that everyone understands each other. This is where conference interpreters come in, working daily to facilitate effective communication between people from different lingual and cultural backgrounds.

The success of international events is dependent on the quality of interpretation. However much of an expert your speaker might be, their presentation is not going to go down well if the audience cannot understand their main points.

Organisers of international or multilingual events often face a sea of questions:

  • How many conference interpreters do you need?
  • Do you want simultaneous or consecutive interpreting – or both?
  • What kind of technical equipment do the interpreters need?
  • How can you find suitable interpreters?
  • How can you ensure that these interpreters have the right qualifications and sufficient experience?

The VKD and our conference interpreters have the right answers to all these questions. Our members will draw on their extensive expertise to help you ensure the quality of your event. If needed, they will carefully and meticulously help you plan the event and, during the event itself, will ensure successful communication by booking the services of highly qualified VKD colleagues.

Take your time with the event itself. Our members will ensure it is properly communicated.

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Conference interpreters – your qualified partners for multilingual events

Are you interested in knowing what working with a professional conference interpreter is like? Watch this video to learn how conference interpreters can help you organise and stage your international event.

Client support

Find a VKD interpreter

In Germany, no formal qualifications are necessary to work as a ‘conference interpreter’ or ‘interpreter’. This makes it difficult for clients to find a good interpreter for their events.

The VKD’s members have been proven to meet the association’s stringent admission requirements. They are also bound to its Code of Professional Ethics, a set of principles governing member interpreters’ professional and ethical conduct. In this manner, the VKD actively promotes quality and ensures its members are consistently professional. By selecting a VKD interpreter, you can be sure that you are working with true interpreting professionals.

Planning and staging an event

When preparing for an international event, many questions crop up. The VKD offers useful guidance for organisers who plan to use interpreters at their event.

Once you have selected a VKD conference interpreter, they can assist you in preparing for and staging the event. Just let our colleagues know what you need from the start. 

We have put together a list of valuable tips for speakers who will be interpreted, as well as an explanation of the various modes of interpretation.

Our promise to clients

If you select a VKD conference interpreter for your event, communication between conference participants is sure to be a success.

Our members

  • have a relevant conference interpreting qualification,
  • continually work on developing their general knowledge and expertise,
  • prepare meticulously for every interpreting assignment,
  • are aware of the great responsibility on their shoulders,
  • are great team players,
  • are highly flexible, organised and stress-resilient, and
  • have a flair for intercultural communication.

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