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The success of an international meeting crucially depends on the quality of the interpreting services provided. Careful planning and the use of qualified language service professionals help to ensure successful communication.

VKD conference interpreters pledge to respect our Code of Professional Ethics, which obliges them to observe discretion, act professionally at all times, and provide a high-quality service.

Conference Interpreting – what’s it all about?

Watch this video to find out how our members work. See for yourself how we can support you at your next event.

Selecting a conference interpreter

In Germany, no formal qualifications are necessary to work as a conference interpreter or  interpreter, so great care must be taken when selecting conference interpreters for meetings. The VKD’s members have been proven to meet the association’s stringent admission requirements. They are also bound to its Code of Professional Ethics, a set of principles governing member interpreters’ professional and ethical conduct. In this manner, the VKD actively promotes quality assurance and serves as a source of guidance in what is a complex market. To find interpreters, please search our database of conference interpreters.

Planning an event

The VKD offers useful guidance for organisers who plan to use interpreters at their event.

We have put together a list of valuable tips for speakers who will be interpreted, as well as an explanation of the various modes of interpretation.

Refer to our glossary for a full list of terms relating to interpreting.

VKD conference interpreters

  • are qualified conference interpreters
  • undergo regular training in a variety of subject areas
  • prepare carefully for each individual assignment
  • are aware of the major responsibility they carry
  • show respect for their fellow team members
  • demonstrate exceptional flexibility, organisational skill and resistance to stress
  • negotiate intercultural settings with confidence

Conference Interpreters

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