Planning an event involving interpretation

When planning a multilingual meeting or conference, the use of conference interpreters should be considered as early as possible. It may be advisable to use the services of a consultant interpreter who handles all interpreting-related organisational aspects on behalf of the client or organiser, which often brings down the final cost. The supply of professional conference interpreters is not limitless, so it is generally recommended to contract an interpreting team well ahead of the meeting date.

Tips for planning an event

For tips on planning events involving interpretation, please refer to our document Hinweise für den Einsatz von Konferenzdolmetschern (currently only available in German).

Discussing the basics

Having been contacted by the potential client, the consultant interpreter will talk them through their requirements and then recommend

  • the appropriate interpretation mode (simultaneous or consecutive)
  • the required language combination(s)
  • the required number of conference interpreters
  • any necessary technical equipment (interpreting booths, microphones, etc.)

After these points have been clarified, the consultant interpreter will draw up a quote.



Next steps

Once the quote has been accepted and the order confirmed, the consultant interpreter may be requested to manage all organisational aspects related to the interpreting service to be provided:

  • Search for individual conference interpreters or an entire interpreting team
  • Handling of contracts between client and interpreters
  • Where applicable, procurement of simultaneous interpreting equipment from professional providers
  • One-stop handling of all preparatory activities (preparation material, team briefing sessions, etc.)
  • Serving as the first port of call for all of the clients’ questions and concerns
  • Where applicable, invoice production and management
  • Follow-up meeting with client after the event

Financial aspects

Depending on the nature and duration of an assignment, one or several of the following expenses will be incurred:

  • Fee per conference interpreter (includes preparation for the assignment, etc.)
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel time fee (e.g., if the interpreter is required to travel to the venue the day before)
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Per diem (flat fee to cover any expenses incurred by the event not taking place at the interpreter’s place of domicile)
  • Consultants’ fee (covering services provided by the consultant interpreter)
  • Fee for the concession of exploitation rights (for further use of the service, e.g., audio recordings, webstreams)
  • Conference/interpreting equipment (interpreting booths, microphones, headsets)

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